Tuesday, June 22, 2010

First Dinner

Molly had her 4th month appointment this morning and she’s 24 inches long, 11 lbs 10 oz.

She’s in the 40th percentile for her height and 10th percentile for her weight. When our pediatrician was looking at the numbers on her computer, she was more concerned. But then when she was doing her physical examination, she said that she looks good. She is pretty tiny, but since the difference between her height and weight isn’t more pronounced, it isn’t so bad. If she were in the 90th percentile for height and 10th for her weight, that would be bad.

Since she’s so tiny, our doctor says to start her on cereal now rather than waiting. (We were going to wait about another 2 months, since babies generally don’t need more than breastmilk for the first 6 months.) She could use the extra calories, however, so we’ll give it a go!

So.... Miss Molly had her first meal of solid food tonight. She’s had nothing but breastmilk and (very) occasionally formula up until today. Oh and also Vitamin D drops (a recently added necessary supplement for breastfed babies), Gripe Water for her colic, infant Tylenol.... the usual suspects. I let her put her mouth on a piece of cantaloupe once, too. But today still feels like a big day. No more exclusive liquids. Her babyhood is slipping away before my eyes. I couldn’t be prouder... but it’s bittersweet!

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