Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Tricksy Hobbitses

Molly has a few new tricks up her tiny sleeves these days.

We started her on rice cereal after her most recent pediatrician appointment, and she’s been doing wonderfully with it. We’re at the point now where she gets hardly anything on her bib. In fact, if it wasn’t for me or Scott accidentally dripping some on her, she might not get any on herself at all. She opens her mouth wide for the spoon, and only a little cereal leaks out of her lips. It’s easy enough to catch it before it runs down her chin, and it all gets recycled and put directly back into her mouth anyhow.

An avid and accomplished thumb sucker, she makes a mess of her hands if we don’t physically hold them down with one hand while shoveling cereal in with the other. If we didn’t restrain her? In goes the food, and before she can swallow – in goes the thumb.

This morning Scott called me to tell me that “our little gremlin had quite the breakfast this morning.” We usually give her 2 tablespoons of cereal and thin it out with formula or breastmilk. This morning, however, he had a ravenous baby on his hands. She apparently chowed down her whole bowl without stopping for breath – complaining if he didn’t go fast enough. He made another bowl with another 2Tbsps of cereal and another 2 oz or so of formula – and she gobbled that right down, too! She ALSO sucked down her usual 3 oz bottle afterwards. Without stopping for a break. It gets better. Scott says that the whole time, she was making yummy noises in appreciation between each bite. So sweet.

Aside from her hollow leg, she’s also become quite vocal. In the mornings I feed her before I leave the house for work, which is around 8 o’clock. I always put her right back into her crib even if she’s wide awake, because another new trick involves sleeping until 11 in the morning most days. But before she falls back into dreamland, she has lengthy and intellectual conversations with the stuffed toy animals on her mobile.

I should mention that by “conversations” I mean “contests for who can yell louder”.... She’s not crying, mind you. Just talking. Very loudly. “MEHHHHHHHH. Muh. BAAA! Ah gaaaaaaaa! MEHHHH.” Eyes squinted in deep concentration, feet in the air, hands holding her toes.... deeeeeep breath...... and VOLUME. All ingredients for an adorable morning conversation.

She’s definitely ours. She loves the sound of her own voice. And she loves it at the most inopportune times, because what good is a newfound talent if you can’t use it to shout over the adults around you? I can’t blame her. Sometimes at work I wish I could just MEHHH at people who are talking and not listening to me! But I don’t think Molly’s form of diplomacy would win me the same number of friends. I’m not nearly cute enough... ^_^

(Geek Alert) But I guess that’s what you get with an adorable 4 month old baby....18 Charisma and + 10 Diplomacy. Not to mention natural 20s at every turn.